What is the NEC initiative?

A Collaborative Force for Change

The Net Environmental Contribution Initiative is a collaborative platform for the continuous improvement and deployment of an advanced metric that calculates the environmental impact or contribution of any economic sector or activity for sustainable financial investments.

Designed to inform and empower investment decision makers, this tool is being developed as an open-source initiative and inviting members to pioneer its use and drive the change towards a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable finance.

Join the NEC Initiative

Our Ambition is to Gather Skilled, Enthusiastic Partners
to Grow this Metric for more Sustainable Investing


To jointly construct and update the NEC metric and thereby provide a robust, transparent methodology and environmental metric
for the finance industry.


To raise awareness about environmental issues in financial markets, train sustainable investors to use the NEC, and develop solutions in the sustainable finance sector.


To share ideas and resources by establishing a working collaboration between stakeholders involved in
responsible investment.

Why is the NEC metric important?

How the NEC Initiative Started

Since 2010, consumer interest and regulatory actions have given rise to a sense of urgency around environmental issues and the need for economic resilience. Consequently, financial investors are seeking ways to invest more sustainably, but they are lacking the tools for assessing the environmental impacts of financial activities.

To provide a solution, Sycomore AM created a metric to overcome the limitations of existing methodologies and capture the overall impact that economic activities have across various environmental categories. This became the Net Environmental Contribution (NEC) metric and Sycomore AM developed it with the support of I Care & Consult, Quantis and BNP Paribas Securities Services which accelerated the NEC implementation and testing phase.